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Green Product
Green Product

Having A Green Environment
Give waste a second life

TAT FAI ZIPPER is devoted to protect environment by sustainable development. We pursue a green and healthy life for everyone and our future generations. TAT® recycle zippers are able to minimize the environment impacts.

TAT® Nylon, Plastic and Metal zippers are now available for you to experience the green life.

TAT® recycled zippers
  • Protect Our Environment
  • Minimize Environment Impacts
  • Reducing Wastage
  • Safeguard Our Health
  • Raise Environmental Awareness
  • Improve Our Quality Of Life
  • Demonstrate Social Responsibility

What is material recycling?


Tape and teeth 100%
recycled polyester


100% recycled polyester tape
100% recycled POM teeth


100% recycled polyester tape
65% recycled copper teeth

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